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Not Just the same

old School piano lessons


Gain an understanding

of orchestral arrangement, musical form and styles using 

professional music recording

and notation software!


You'll have fun while you’re learning, with musical computer games


We'll get you playing right away

and demystify music theory.





 Voice instruction designed to

bring out

Your own true singing voice.


Develop proper pitch

Expand your vocal range

Ear Training

Improved listening skills

Correct breathing from the diaphragm


Drama Classes (ages 8 and up) taught with a focus on

audition monologues, character development, improvisation and performance.




Online Only

Flute lessons will teach the student proper breathing techniques, how to read and comprehend music as well as understand rhythms that range from beginner to complex. Technical studies to improve dexterity and enhance skill, scales, and various scale studies.  Music theory, pieces of music from a variety of genres, and an in depth understanding and appreciation for their instrument.  Lessons are catered to each individual and the teacher will go at the student's pace in order for them to achieve an enhanced experience that is joyful and enriched.



Whether you choose acoustic or electric, we'll get you playing the songs you want to learn.


Chord Study

Proper finger placement for the best tone

Tab and real music notation

Rhythm and theory



Online Only

Lessons consist of breathing, warmup, and embouchure techniques, rhythm and theory to help the student gain a better overall tone quality. The teacher will help students with their music for school, and learning other pieces that the teacher considers valuable for the student's progress as a musician.

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